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Our firm is involved in planning, producing and industrializing oil-pressure cylinders and mechanical production for other firms. We use leading computer numerical control (CNC) plants. We offer our production to lots of different industries, such as the engineering one, the naval one, the water-based one and the iron and steel one. Thanks to our specialized, leading and flexible plants we are able to give our customers quality and reliability in each product and service. Our production, planned for lots of dissimilar industries, is produced on the basis of our own or our customers’ design. Among our customers we could count Danieli S.p.a., Casagrande group, Filmac, Vortex Hydra and lots of other firms. OUR HISTORY
BF Hydraulics S.r.l was born in March 2000. Since our very first production until now, our firm has been evolving and growing, following the dynamics of the markets. However, it is still based on that entrepreneurial spirit, which is characteristic of the small and medium size industry in Veneto. Proactivity, flexibility and dynamism are our key words, as it is shown by the numerous and different industries which we work for. Day by day our firm has been able to invest in leading plants which allow us to be trustworthy supplier for our clients. It has been a challenge since 2000. This challenge started from two families, Fagotto and Baratella, who have been playing an important role in the native area of the firm since the second postwar period. On the one hand, Corrado Fagotto, father of Virgilio Fagotto who is the founding shareholder of BF Hydraulics, founded his first little firm in 1958. He had planned and produced BF HYDRAULICS S.r.l. Via O. Bravin, 41 30023 Concordia Sagittaria (VE) ITALY Tel: 0421 394272 • Fax: 0421 770354 lots of industrial machines and plants (e.g. oil-pressure press) worldwide until 2000. On the other hand, the native family of Diego and Domenico Baratella, the other two shareholders, had worked in the framing industry since the second postwar period until the nineties. Their firm, which counted more than 100 employees, had worked for the nautical, iron and steel and building industries. Joining experiences and skills, our two families allowed BF Hydraulics to born. Nowadays our firm counts 10 employee. VISION
We truly believe in labour. We deem that work reflects our past and our future and that each one’s ideas are worthy, unique and precious. We are exacting and rigorous: we believe that accuracy is synonymous with long-term reliability. We are proud of cooperating with firms who share our values and esteem our technical know- how, which comes from our efforts. We believe that quality and reliability result from the experience of each employee of ours; and right that experience is the root of a firm’s added value. MISSION
We want to offer reliability, know-how and experience to Italian and foreign companies, continuing to grow both from a technical and from a human point of view. We want to achieve technologically-leading results which satisfy our clients. We want to foster our customers’ loyalty more and more thanks to our high-quality products and services. We want to cooperate with our clients in a synergetic way in other to meet their needs and requirements in an exclusive and customized way.

La BF HYDRAULICS S.r.l. makes use of high-technology plants and machine tools.

BF Safop CNC Lathe with 5 ways BF
parco macchine_00 Height of centres:
650 mm.

Distance between centres:
12000 mm.

Maximum turning diameter:
1600 mm.

BF Mecof CNC milling machine BF
parco macchine_01
6050x1200 mm.

Axis x-y-z:
4900x1060x1700 mm.
BF Pontigia CNC Parallel Lathe BF
parco macchine_02
Height of centres:
800 mm.

Distance between centres:
8000 mm.

Maximum turning diameter
2000 mm.

BF Novar CNC milling machine BF
parco macchine_03
2000x800 mm.

Axis x-y-z:
1700x900x1050 mm.
BF Novar CNC millling machine BF
parco macchine_04
2200x700 mm.

Axis x-y-z:
2000x750x800 mm.

BF Menti CNC lathe with barfeeder BF
parco macchine_05
Two axis and barfeeder

Height of centres:
200 mm.

Distance between centres:
350 mm.

Maximum turning diameter:
400 mm.

Maximum bar stock diameter:
50 mm.
BF CNC vertical working center BF
parco macchine_06
four axis

400x700 mm.

Axis x-y-z:
250x500x400 mm.

BF Graziano CNC lathe BF
Height of centres
250 mm.

Distance between centres:
1000 mm.

Maximum turning diameter:
450 mm.
parco macchine_08
Height of centres:
500 mm.

Distance between centres:
5000 mm.

Maximum turning diameter:
1000 mm.